This large gym has everything a modern gym should have. The cornerstone it a well – equipped cardiozone, ventilated rooms and space for bodyweight training, as well as 40 exercise stations.

InBody 230 analysis

Using the Inbody 230 device, we determine the body composition. The measurement is non-invasive, fast and very accurate. From the results we can read, for example, the weight of skeletal muscles, the amount of fat in the body, the minimum caloric requirement or segmental analysis of fat and fat-free mass of individual parts of the body.

Exercise with a coach

We shall teach you to exercise properly.We shall focus on healthy physical activity, explain how to set up the machines and perform the exercises. Training under coach supervision is an effective way to get in shape quickly..

Fyzio fitness

Fyzio fitness deals with the quality of movement and the correction / optimization of movement patterns in ‘non-athletes’ and all types of athletes, from holiday to professional athletes. The goal is to strengthen the activation of the center of the body, balance imbalances, prevention of injury, or rehabilitation after injury.

DNS exercise

The DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) exercise is an exercise concept that focuses on restoring and learning proper trunk stabilization of the locomotor system. The exercise is intended for women and men regardless of age and fitness.

Spinning® Program

Spinning is an energy – efficient group exercise on stationary bicycles accompanied by fast music under guidance of an instructor. It is recommended even for beginners.

H.E.A.T. program®

H.E.A.T. Program® is fun, positive, energizing and makes losing weight easy. All that in 45 minutes and naturally. It is an exercise based on natural human motion – walking.


Jumping is a fun and action combination of fast and slow jumps, dynamic and strength elements, complemented by various balance exercises for complex cardio training. All this with the help of trampolines adapted to this sport. Not only your legs, but also your whole body will be in perfect condition.

TRX training

Suspension training used for bodyweight training. TRX builds up muscle strength, balance, flexibility and activates muscles.

Strong body

Strong body lesson is a group exercised which aims to strengthen and build up the whole body. It is a slow exercise, which puts emphasis on correct performance of the individual moves.


Tabata is a high intensity interval training method. This method of exercise is one of the best techniques of burning fat. It increases general fitness and strength. It is suitable both for weight reduction and general fitness improvement.


HIIT – high intensive interval training is a group lesson, during which the intervals with maximum load intensity and rest intervals alternate. Thanks to the HIIT lesson, you will improve your heart function, support your fat burning and achieve visible results.

Body forming

Group lesson focused on shaping the whole body. It consists of simple exercises with low resistance and is suitable for beginners and advanced.

Flat belly-firm buttocks

This is a group lesson focused on strengthening and shaping the body, increasing physical condition and burning. All exercises can be performed in a lighter or heavier variant, so this type of exercise is suitable for beginners and advanced.

Exercise for mothers with children

Do you want to move and be fit, but you don’t have babysitting? Strength training lessons for moms are made for you! The lesson is designed especially for mothers with children from 3 months to 3 years.

Circuit training

The circuit is a great way to gain muscle strength and stamina. It is great for burning fat from all parts of the body and for building mass. Thanks to this, this training method is a great way to make a workout program more diverse.

Training for pregnant

Do you want to move and be in shape, but don’t know how to properly exercise during pregnancy? A lesson focused on strengthening and stretching muscles, practicing proper breathing, activating the pelvic floor and muscles in the lower abdomen is perfect for you. The group lesson is intended for expectant mothers from the 2nd trimester.


This exercise is aimed at men and women on any fitness level. It aims to stretch shortened muscles and strengthen the weak ones. It teaches correct posture, enhances joint flexibility. The main goal is to teach the body to work with minimum exertion and maximum effect.

SM System

The SM system is a method of spiral stabilization of the center of the body, the practice of this method leads to the strengthening of the oblique abdominal muscles and the activation of the direct abdominal muscles. There is a stretching (traction) of the spine and relieving pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints, exercise achieves proper posture and stable walking.

Evening yoga

Yoga adapted to evening hours with a focus on slower exercise and breathing.

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Power yoga aims at balanced workout and stretching of the whole body. It is not a relaxation yoga and it is necessary to be prepared for muscle strain. The lesson is meant for everyone, even beginners.


Twerk is a modern dance that will help you strengthen your abs, back and gluteal muscles. This dance is suitable for everyone, young girls or moms. There are no limitations.

Nutrition Office

Our nutrition therapist provides counselling in the field of healthy lifestyle, weight loss, sport nutrition and eating disorders.


4. 3. 2024

Schedule of group lessons from Monday 4 March 2024

On Monday, March 4, 2024, there will be minor changes in the schedule of group lessons at the AFIT center. All changes can be found here. Reservations can be made via the online reservation system, in the AFIT application or by calling the reception number 608 70 80 99.

9. 1. 2024

Reservations for classroom lessons for new customers

To register for indoor lessons, use the phone number 608 70 80 99. More information can be found in the post.

1. 1. 2024

Schedule of group lessons from Monday 1 January 2024

The new year will bring us 4 new lessons. Tuesday lessons of the Spinning program at 12:15 with Petra B., Wednesday Strong Body with Kristýna J., Friday lessons of Body forming with Sára L. and Jumping with Katy T. In the second week of January, two afternoon SM System courses start at the same time. You can find all the changes here.

Reservation for group lessons at the reception number 608 70 80 99, online through the reservation system or in the AFIT application.

14. 12. 2023

Changes to the rules of the reservation system from 1 January 2024

As of Monday, January 1, 2024, as part of improving the quality of our services, new rules for the reservation system for group lessons come into force. Please read carefully what changes will be involved.