Personal trainings

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Personal training (60 minutes)

1 person400 CZK
2 persons650 CZK
3 persons850 CZK
5 trainings1.900 CZK
10 trainings3.500 CZK
  • Admission fee is not included
  • To arrange a personal training call AFIT center – tel. 737 090 074.


fitness diagnostics + consultation 60 min.500 CZK

Training plan ***

1 – 2 months600 CZK
3 – 4 months900 CZK

Consultation with coach incl. InBody machine measurement (60 min.)

Price: 500 CZK


  • Consultation with coach incl. physical activity habits and health condition
  • Body composition analysis with InBody machine, including expert interpretation of the results
  • Suitable physical activity recommendation

The InBody allows us to determine:

  • body water, fat, muscle mass, fatless mass, weight
  • BMI, percentage of body fat, waist to hip ratio (WHR)
  • Minimum calorie intake recommendation (BMR)
  • Evaluation of fat and muscle tissue
  • Visceral fat
  • Body balance, body strength, medical diagnosis
  • Fat control, muscle control, Fitness Score
  • Impedance of individual body parts for each frequency

Body composition analysis with InBody 230 and results (10 min.)

Price: 250 CZK


  • Measurement with InBody 230
  • Suitable mainly as control measurement

Kit recommended for beginers


(Personal trainings, fitness center visits, introductory consultations, analysis of body composition with InBody 230 with expert interpretation, lesson plan for 1 month)

Price: 2.500 CZK


  • Introductory consultation
  • 1 x body composition analysis with InBody and interpretation of results
  • 3 x personal training
  • 3 fitness center visits
  • 1 month lesson plan
  • Recommendation of suitable physical activity

  • The prices do not include admission fee.
  • ***We do not create training plans over the internet without personal consultation or diagnostics  (priced in)
  • The pricelist is valid starting September the 1st 2019.

Personal coach request

Do you want to train under a personal coach? Send us a non-binding request and we will get back to you.

  • Kristýna Jakubcová

    Kristýna graduated as a coach at the Faculty of Sport Studies in Brno and is now studying to be a fitness coach. She’s been a volleyball player for many years, later she switched to fitness. She focuses on gym training and is an instructor for these lessons: TRX, Circuit, Tabata, Strong body. She is also still improving her education, attends workshops and trainings, continues learning...

    More informations
    • Graduated as a coach at FSpS MU
    • Studied as condition coach at FSpS MU
    • Fitness coach second class
    • Skiing instructor L1- ACSI
    More informations

    Lukáš Gajda

    Lukáš is a graduate of Sports Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire, England, where he also worked as a personal trainer, sports therapist and group activities instructor. He focuses on classical exercise in the gym as well as on compensatory exercise and rehabilitation in sport. Lukáš holds the view that sport is to be fun, not a duty, and therefore all lessons are aimed at mutual...

    More informations
    • University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Great Britain, obor: BSc. Sport therapy (Hons.)
    • Fitness instructor Level 3 – REPS, England
    • Gym instructor Level 2 – REPS, England
    • Fitness instructor – Dexter Academy, Prague
    • Nutrition – UoB, England
    • First aid – FAA Nuco Training
    • October 2015 – August 2018, The Gym, Luton – Sports therapist, personal trainer, masseur. Focus on personal and group lessons, rehabilitation, postural correction, sports massage and tapping
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    Jaroslav Holánek

    Jarda has been interested in sports and active lifestyle his whole life. At AFIT, he is a head manager, a personal and fitness coach, fitness instructor, nutritional counsellor and a lecturer for TRX, Spinning and H.E.A.T. His advice is based on years of experience in the field and will be useful for beginners as well as advanced sportsmen. He has wit, good mood and complex expert knowledge. His...

    More informations
    • University education as Sport Manager, 12 years of practice
    • Conditioning workout instructor(3DFA)
    • Nutrition counsellor / Nutrition specialist (NUTRIS)
    • J.G.S.I. SPINNING Instructor
    • Spinning Clinic Certificate (Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.)
    • H.P.I. – H.E.A.T. Program Instructor
    • TRX instructor group course (3DFA)
    • Licence Instructor Basic (FITBOX ACADEMY)
    • Fitness instructor (FSpS MU)
    • Scientific basis of sports training (FSpS MU)
    • Spinning & Yoga (Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.)
    • Spinning & Core Training (Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.)
    • SPINNING for Brno TV BTV
    • 3 hour Spinning Maraton ST Brno – 2008
    • 24 hour long Spinning Marathon Brno – 2009
    • 4 hour long Marathon Spinning&H.E.A.T. Program – 2010
    • Special st.Nicholas and Christmas ride – 2011
    • 120 min. ride with video projection with Master instructors for Czechia and Slovakia – 2012
    • Academic master’s cup of Czech republic in roller skating – fourth place- 2012
    • 4 hour st.Nicholas spinning marathon – 2014
    • Spinning marathon of ČSOB insurance company for Debra foundation – 2017
    • Preparation, organization and management of AFIT fitness center at Sport Life expo 2014, 2015, 2016 a 2017
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    Eliška Erteltová

    Eliška graduated from the Faculty of Sport Studies as a coach. She still studies there, this time she specializes in fitness training. Since she was little she was interested in many sports, which is reflected in the diversity of the exercises she uses. She composes every training so as to be enjoyable and puts emphasis on individual approach, effectiveness and...

    More informations
    • Graduated as a coach at FSpS MU.
    • Condition coach at FSpS MU
    • Fitness coach second class
    • Skiing instructor L1- ACSI
    More informations

    Michaela Šalplachtová

    Michaela has been fighting with overweight since she was a child, she took courage two years ago, came to Afit center, she started working on herself and lose 35 kg. She walked her way, which was not easy, but as she says, it is worth it. A healthy lifestyle and regular movement is now part of every day. She graduated from Improve Academy and became a fitness instructor. In her free time she...

    More informations
    • Instructor fitness, Improve Academy
    More informations

    Petr Širc

    Petr studied Nutrition Therapist at the Faculty of Medicine. Then he went to the Faculty of Sports Studies, where he successfully completed the Applied Kinesiology. However, education is continuously complemented by various courses or conferences. Peter started out as a bodybuilder, gradually gaining a more complex exercise – CrossFit and OCR races (Spartan Race), eventually also to the...

    More informations
    • Graduate of the Department of Nutrition Therapist at the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University
    • Graduate in Applied Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports Studies
    • Fitness trainer II. class
    • Weightlifting course
    • Activation of the deep stabilization system and training of the centering of the joints using modern fitness aids
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    3. 8. 2020

    Schedule of class lessons from Monday 3 August

    Schedule of group lessons valid from Monday, August 3, 2020. Change of lecturer on Monday, H.E.A.T. Program at 4 pm with Verča and Friday H.E.A.T. Program at 4 p.m. and H.E.A.T. with strengthening at 5 pm with Lenka. Reservations at the reception number 608 708 099 or online via the reservation system.

    3. 7. 2020

    Opening hours on public holidays on July 5 and 6

    It will be open from 14:00 until 20:00 on public holidays on 5 July. 6. 7. from 14:00 to 21:30. Group lessons will take place in the afternoon according to the online schedule of exercises.

    1. 7. 2020

    Schedule of class lessons from Wednesday 1 July

    Schedule of group lessons valid from Wednesday, July 1, 2020. We return the beginnings of the lessons in full, spinning 17:25 and hall 4 XX: 15. New Pilates lesson on Friday at 16:00 and on Monday at 8:00 with teacher Jana Cindlerová. Reservations at the reception number 608 708 099 or online via the reservation system.

    1. 6. 2020

    Schedule of class lessons from Monday 1 June

    Schedule of group lessons valid from Monday, June 1, 2020. Reduced spinning lessons 17:25 every weekday. New Pilates lesson on Monday at 8:00. Back lessons of Jin Yoga on Friday 6:20 with a new teacher Lenka. Reservations at reception number 608 708 099.