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Personal training (60 minutes)

 1st category:2nd category:
1 person600 CZK650 CZK
2 persons800 CZK800 CZK
3 persons900 CZK900 CZK
5 trainings2.900 CZK3.150 CZK
10 trainings5.500 CZK6.000 CZK
  • The price category expresses the expertise of the personal trainer and is listed for each trainer in their personal profile in the our team section.
  • To arrange a personal training call AFIT center – tel. 737 090 074 or contact us via the contact form.
  • Admission fee to fitness center is not included.


fitness diagnostics + consultation 60 min.800 CZK

Training plan ***

1 – 2 months600 CZK
3 – 4 months900 CZK

Consultation with coach incl. InBody machine measurement (60 min.)

Price: 800 CZK


  • Consultation with coach incl. physical activity habits and health condition
  • Body composition analysis with InBody machine, including expert interpretation of the results
  • Suitable physical activity recommendation

The InBody allows us to determine:

  • body water, fat, muscle mass, fatless mass, weight
  • BMI, percentage of body fat, waist to hip ratio (WHR)
  • Minimum calorie intake recommendation (BMR)
  • Evaluation of fat and muscle tissue
  • Visceral fat
  • Body balance, body strength, medical diagnosis
  • Fat control, muscle control, Fitness Score
  • Impedance of individual body parts for each frequency

Body composition analysis with InBody 230 and results (15 min.)

Price: 350 CZK


  • Measurement with InBody 230
  • Analysis of measured results
  • Transmission of measured results

Kit recommended for beginers


(Personal trainings, fitness center visits, introductory consultations including analysis of body composition with InBody 230 with expert interpretation, lesson plan for 1 month, analysis of body composition)

Price 1st category: 3.500 CZK

Price 2nd category: 3.650 CZK


  • Introductory consultation including body composition analysis with InBody and interpretation of results
  • 3 x personal training
  • 3 x fitness center visits
  • 1 x month lesson plan
  • 1 x analysis of body composition with InBody
  • Recommendation of suitable physical activity

The package is valid for 2 months.

  • ***We do not create training plans over the internet without personal consultation or diagnostics (priced in)
  • The pricelist is valid starting January the 1st 2024
  • Can be pay by card

Personal coach request

Do you want to train under a personal coach? Send us a non-binding request and we will get back to you.

    Vanesa Š.

    Vanesa is a graduate of the nutritional therapist program at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno. Her favorite activity is working out in the gym, which she has been doing for more than 8 years now. Sports and nutrition try to connect each other, because they influence each other and one cannot do without the other. Bodybuilding taught her to overcome fear, her limits and helped...

    More info and prices
    • Student of the Master’s program Adult and Child Nutrition at Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Medicine
    • Graduate of the Nutritional Therapist bachelor’s program at the Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Medicine
    • Fitness instructor – accredited course of the Ministry of Education and Culture
    • University Hospital Bohunice Brno
    • St. Anna University Hospital Brno
    More info and prices

    Viktor J.

    Viktor obtained a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Masaryk University in 2018. Currently, he continues a Master‘s programme in a field of Bioanalytics – It’s very crucial to understand the human body to every little detail. A combination of a several years of experience as a personal coach and being in touch with the most recent scientific knowledges allows him to give his clients a...

    More info and prices
    • Instructor fitness (Improve Academy)
    • Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Masaryk University
    More info and prices

    Lukáš G.

    Lukáš is a graduate of Sports Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire, England, where he also worked as a personal trainer, sports therapist and group activities instructor. He focuses on classical exercise in the gym as well as on compensatory exercise and rehabilitation in sport. Lukáš holds the view that sport is to be fun, not a duty, and therefore all lessons are aimed at mutual...

    More info and prices
    • University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Great Britain, obor: BSc. Sport therapy (Hons.)
    • Fitness instructor Level 3 – REPS, England
    • Gym instructor Level 2 – REPS, England
    • Fitness instructor – Dexter Academy, Prague
    • Nutrition – UoB, England
    • First aid – FAA Nuco Training
    • October 2015 – August 2018, The Gym, Luton – Sports therapist, personal trainer, masseur. Focus on personal and group lessons, rehabilitation, postural correction, sports massage and tapping
    More info and prices

    Michaela Š.

    Michaela has been fighting with overweight since she was a child, she took courage two years ago, came to Afit center, she started working on herself and lose 35 kg. She walked her way, which was not easy, but as she says, it is worth it. A healthy lifestyle and regular movement is now part of every day. She graduated from Improve Academy and became a fitness instructor. In her free time she...

    More info and prices
    • Instructor fitness, Improve Academy
    • Compiling fitness training (Fitness Institute)
    • Nutrition and the immune system (Fitness Institute)
    • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (Fitness Institute)
    • Muscle Chains (Improve Academy)
    More info and prices

    Václav T.

    Vašek is a former judoka with many years of practical experience in his field. He has devoted almost his entire life to sports and the last few years exclusively to coaching and education. In our fitness center, it provides physical education and sports services, primarily with a focus on physio-fitness and healthy exercise. It is based on the concept of developmental kinesiology and DNS (Prof....

    More info and prices
    • Instructor Fitness (Improve Academy, MŠMT akteditovaný)
    • DNS Sport course (Pražská škola rehabilitace a Dynamická Neuromuskulární Stabilizace)
    • SM Systém a SM Systém for sport (Imzadi – rekondiční centrum Brno)
    • Foam Rolling Principles and Practices (Trigger Point Therapy)
    • Taping course – KinesioTaping
    More info and prices

    Denisa V.

    Denisa is a former dancer. Dancing led her to our fitness center, where she works as a personal trainer. She also leads classes in circuit training, strong body, tabata and TRX. She prefers complex exercises of different intensity and strength load, which makes training not only effective, but also fun. She emphasizes mobility, which is important for the correct execution of the exercise. She...

    More info and prices
    • Fitness coach(Improve Academy)
    • Diagnostics and compensation (3DFA)
    • Evolve kinesiology I. (3DFA)
    • Functional training (3DFA)
    • TRX Boot Camp (3DFA)
    • BOSU core (IQacademy)
    • JUMPING fitness – basic diploma
    • Practical diet composition (Fitness Institut)
    • Motivational seminary with Petr Peč (3DFA)
    More info and prices

    Dominik P.

    Dominik is a graduate of master’s courses in applied sports education of security forces and applied kinesiology at faculty of sport studies MU. He study at the same faculty the doctoral study program Kinanthropology. He has been involved in sports since childhood. Since 2018, he has been contributing articles to one of the leading Czech online magazines focused on healthy lifestyles,...

    More info and prices
    • Student of the Ph.D. program Kinanthropology at the Faculty of Sports Studies MU
    • Graduate of the master’s program Applied Sports Education of Security Forces at the Faculty of Sports Studies MU
    • Graduate of the master’s program Applied Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports Studies MU
    • Professional courses and internships: Accredited course of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Fitness instructor
    More info and prices

    Simona Č.

    Simona first entered the world of an active lifestyle seven years ago, when she started attending various group lessons. Very quickly, her occasional exercise became an “addiction” that she can no longer live without. For that reason, over time, she began to take various courses in the field of fitness, so that she could devote herself fully to exercise and fulfill people’s...

    More info and prices
    • Fitness Instructor – Improve Academy
    • DNS sports course 1
    • DNS sports course 2
    • FitNut Academy – the field of nutrition
    • FitNut Academy – the field of fitness
    • Course: Introduction to weightlifting – Fitness Institute
    • Course: Mobility – Fitness Institute
    • Course: Bench press, deadlift, squat – Fitness Institute 
    More info and prices

    Iveta K.

    Iveta has been involved in sports since she was a child – she did sports aerobics, later she played tennis and she also trained the youngest beginning tennis players. She took a retraining course as a fitness instructor, even though she graduated with a degree in economics. When she has time off, she goes for a run, rides a bike or walks with her son Oskar and a dog, with whom she also runs...

    More info and prices
    • Fitness Institute – Fitness Instructor
    • Fitness Institute – Nutritionist
    • 3D Fitness – Exercise course: suspension systems
    • Fitness Institute – Exercise course with balance aids 
    • Fitness Institute – Core and Pelvic floor 
    • continuing TRX course
    More info and prices

    Lucie L.

    Lucka completed an accredited course of a fitness trainer and graduated in Special Pedagogy at the MUNI Faculty of Education, where she is currently pursuing a master’s degree. She has been involved in various sports since childhood. She likes to skate or bike, and in winter she skis and snowboards. Collective sports are also no strangers to her, but she found herself mostly in fitness and...

    More info and prices
    • Vital Institute – fitness instructor
    • Graduate of the Bachelor’s degree program in Special Education at the Faculty of Education, MU
    • Student of the master’s degree of Special Education at the Faculty of Education, MU
    More info and prices

    Jakub K.

    Jakub, as a graduate of the master’s degree in Fitness Coach, continues his studies in the doctoral program in Kinanthropology at the Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University. His coaching career began in high school, when he led street workout training for the general public. During his university studies, he worked as a youth fitness coach at the HC Kometa Brno hockey club. In...

    More info and prices
    • Graduated in Master’s degree in Fitness (Conditioning) Trainer, Masaryk University – Faculty of Sports Studies

    • DNS sports course II

    • Functional spinal upgrade level 1

    • EXOS Speed ​​Performance Workshop

    • EXOS Strength + Power Performance Workshop

    • 3D Movement Analysis & Performance System

    • MA Strength weigthlifting seminar level 1

    • FTVS Personal and fitness trainer course for

    • needs of athletes and sports clubs

    • DNS sports course I

    • FSpS Fitness Instructor Certificate

    More info and prices

    Lukáš H.

    Lukáš studies Special Education of Security Forces at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University. He has been involved in sports since he was a child. He started with football and later continued with top-level athletics. Here he gained success, especially in the 400 m hurdles. He is the vice-champion of the republic and a multiple champion and vice-champion of Moravia and Silesia. His...

    More info and prices
    • Student of the Faculty of Sports Studies, Special Education of Security Forces
    • Compilation of training (Fitness Institut)
    More info and prices

    Kristýna J.

    Kristýna graduated as a coach at the Faculty of Sport Studies in Brno and is now studying to be a fitness coach. She’s been a volleyball player for many years, later she switched to fitness. She focuses on gym training and is an instructor for these lessons: TRX, Circuit, Tabata, Strong body. She is also still improving her education, attends workshops and trainings, continues learning...

    More info and prices
    • Graduated as a coach at FSpS MU
    • Studied as condition coach at FSpS MU
    • Fitness coach second class
    • Skiing instructor L1- ACSI
    More info and prices

    Simona J.

    Simona has loved sports since she was little a little girl. She has been doing gymnastics, skiing, jumping into the water, dancing she has done professionally under the age of 18. After completing her career, she took her steps into fitness. Gradually, she started learning from all available sources, attended several training sessions and workshops, and gained experience. Nowadays, for her, a...

    More info and prices
    • H.P.I. instructor Level I.
    • H.P.I. instructor Level II.
    • Instruktor fitness (fitness institut)
    • TRX (GTSC) – skupinový trénink – 3DFA
    • Bosu rehab (academy face czech)
    • Workshop total body workout (myfit)
    • Workshop strength (Improve academy)
    • Nutritionist  (fitness institut)
    More info and prices

    Nicole M. H.

    Nicole is an experienced athlete, whose passion for movement began at a young age on skis, and since then she has also been involved in other sports that help her stay in shape. Her love for sports is manifested not only in practice, but also in education. After looking into the world of fitness, Nicole decided to transfer her knowledge and motivation to clients as a personal trainer and...

    More info and prices
    • Graduated from the Master’s degree of applied kinesiology, Masaryk University – Faculty of Sports Studies
    • Graduated from the Bachelor’s degree of Regeneration and nutrition in sports, Masaryk University – Faculty of Sports Studies
    • Fitness instructor, Normans Academy
    • CORE functional training, Face Fitness Academy
    • Health aspects of physical activities
    • EMS miha bodytec training (electromyostimulation training)
    • Masseur for sports and rehabilitation massages, Faculty of Sports Studies
    • Kinesiology Taping
    • Health and nutrition life coach
    • Indoor Walking 
    • Volunteer in the organization of the Special Olympics
    More info and prices

    Nina P.

    Nina loves sports from her young age. When she was 8 years old, she started to play volleyball competitively, however later the fitness became her passion. She studies nutrition specialization in medical high school. The school and fitness are the reasons why she decided to absolve the fitness course. Training woke up Nina’s needs to be better and better every day and exceed her own limits....

    More info and prices
    • Vital Institute, accredited course
    More info and prices

    Magda Č.

    Magda has been competitively dancing ballroom and Latin-American dances since kindergarten. She has been involved in sports since childhood. She enjoys almost all kinds of sports, except for ball games. Among her biggest hobbies are hiking, swimming and running. She is currently on maternity leave, which led her to expand her education to include “Movement activities for children from 3...

    More info and prices
    • Fitness instructor –⁠ Improve academy
    • Functional training – Blue Gym
    • Course Methodology of movement games with children up to three years of age
    • Workshop following the course Methodology of physical games with children up to three years of age
    • Workshop Functional training, Tabata, HIIT
    • Eating during training – Decadance – Lucia Stulraiterova
    More info and prices

    Martin B.

    Martin has been interested in exercise in the gym and other topics in the field of fitness for 6 years. At first, he was interested in bodyweight exercises, but after he started doing athletics, he leaned more towards strength training. Now he is also involved in other sports such as bouldering, cycling or martial arts. Martin is studying Sports Technology at BUT, he likes to deal with things in...

    More info and prices
    • Fitness Improve Academy Instructor course
    • All-day seminar Reach the natural maximum Institute of modern nutrition
    More info and prices


    4. 3. 2024

    Schedule of group lessons from Monday 4 March 2024

    On Monday, March 4, 2024, there will be minor changes in the schedule of group lessons at the AFIT center. All changes can be found here. Reservations can be made via the online reservation system, in the AFIT application or by calling the reception number 608 70 80 99.

    9. 1. 2024

    Reservations for classroom lessons for new customers

    To register for indoor lessons, use the phone number 608 70 80 99. More information can be found in the post.

    1. 1. 2024

    Schedule of group lessons from Monday 1 January 2024

    The new year will bring us 4 new lessons. Tuesday lessons of the Spinning program at 12:15 with Petra B., Wednesday Strong Body with Kristýna J., Friday lessons of Body forming with Sára L. and Jumping with Katy T. In the second week of January, two afternoon SM System courses start at the same time. You can find all the changes here.

    Reservation for group lessons at the reception number 608 70 80 99, online through the reservation system or in the AFIT application.

    14. 12. 2023

    Changes to the rules of the reservation system from 1 January 2024

    As of Monday, January 1, 2024, as part of improving the quality of our services, new rules for the reservation system for group lessons come into force. Please read carefully what changes will be involved.