Personal trainings

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Personal training (60 minutes)

1 person450 CZK
2 persons700 CZK
3 persons900 CZK
5 trainings2.150 CZK
10 trainings4.000 CZK
  • Admission fee is not included
  • To arrange a personal training call AFIT center – tel. 737 090 074 or contact us via the contact form.


fitness diagnostics + consultation 60 min.600 CZK

Training plan ***

1 – 2 months600 CZK
3 – 4 months900 CZK

Consultation with coach incl. InBody machine measurement (60 min.)

Price: 600 CZK


  • Consultation with coach incl. physical activity habits and health condition
  • Body composition analysis with InBody machine, including expert interpretation of the results
  • Suitable physical activity recommendation

The InBody allows us to determine:

  • body water, fat, muscle mass, fatless mass, weight
  • BMI, percentage of body fat, waist to hip ratio (WHR)
  • Minimum calorie intake recommendation (BMR)
  • Evaluation of fat and muscle tissue
  • Visceral fat
  • Body balance, body strength, medical diagnosis
  • Fat control, muscle control, Fitness Score
  • Impedance of individual body parts for each frequency

Body composition analysis with InBody 230 and results (30 min.)

Price: 300 CZK


  • Measurement with InBody 230
  • Analysis of measured results
  • Transmission of measured results

Kit recommended for beginers


(Personal trainings, fitness center visits, introductory consultations, analysis of body composition with InBody 230 with expert interpretation, lesson plan for 1 month)

Price: 3.000 CZK


  • Introductory consultation
  • 1 x body composition analysis with InBody and interpretation of results
  • 3 x personal training
  • 3 fitness center visits
  • 1 month lesson plan
  • Recommendation of suitable physical activity

  • The prices do not include admission fee.
  • ***We do not create training plans over the internet without personal consultation or diagnostics  (priced in)
  • The pricelist is valid starting January the 1st 2022
  • Can be pay by card

Personal coach request

Do you want to train under a personal coach? Send us a non-binding request and we will get back to you.

    Viktor J.

    Viktor obtained a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Masaryk University in 2018. Currently, he continues a Master‘s programme in a field of Bioanalytics – It’s very crucial to understand the human body to every little detail. A combination of a several years of experience as a personal coach and being in touch with the most recent scientific knowledges allows him to give his clients a...

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    • Instructor fitness (Improve Academy)
    • Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Masaryk University
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    Private: Jana Tkáčová

    Janka has been doing fitness for 4 years. She’s comming from Slovakia but now she is living in Brno. She attends Masaryk University at The Faculty of economics. Because she admires fitness, she has also finished a few subjectes at the Sports Studies at Masaryk university. Janka has completed 2 months long-fitness course from Fitness Inštitút as a fitness instructor. She prefer’s and she...

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    • Instructor fitness (Fitness Institut)
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    Lukáš G.

    Lukáš is a graduate of Sports Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire, England, where he also worked as a personal trainer, sports therapist and group activities instructor. He focuses on classical exercise in the gym as well as on compensatory exercise and rehabilitation in sport. Lukáš holds the view that sport is to be fun, not a duty, and therefore all lessons are aimed at mutual...

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    • University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Great Britain, obor: BSc. Sport therapy (Hons.)
    • Fitness instructor Level 3 – REPS, England
    • Gym instructor Level 2 – REPS, England
    • Fitness instructor – Dexter Academy, Prague
    • Nutrition – UoB, England
    • First aid – FAA Nuco Training
    • October 2015 – August 2018, The Gym, Luton – Sports therapist, personal trainer, masseur. Focus on personal and group lessons, rehabilitation, postural correction, sports massage and tapping
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    Michaela Š.

    Michaela has been fighting with overweight since she was a child, she took courage two years ago, came to Afit center, she started working on herself and lose 35 kg. She walked her way, which was not easy, but as she says, it is worth it. A healthy lifestyle and regular movement is now part of every day. She graduated from Improve Academy and became a fitness instructor. In her free time she...

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    • Instructor fitness, Improve Academy
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    Eliška E.

    Eliška is a graduate of the Master’s degree program in Physical Education and Sport, specializing in fitness training. He has been involved in a large number of sports since he was a child, which is reflected in the variety of techniques he uses in exercise. Each training set up to entertain and at the same time emphasizes an individual approach, efficiency and perfect...

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    • Graduate of the Bachelor’s degree in Coaching with a specialization in fitness at the Faculty of Sports Studies at MU
    • Graduate of the Master’s degree in Fitness Trainer at the Faculty of Sports Studies at MU
    • Study stay: Gerlev PE and Sports Academy 2018 – Denmark
    • L1-ACSI skiing instructor
    • TRX (GSTC) – group training – 3DFA
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    Václav Tofl

    Vašek is a former judoka with many years of practical experience in his field. He has devoted almost his entire life to sports and the last few years exclusively to coaching and education. In our fitness center, it provides physical education and sports services, primarily with a focus on physio-fitness and healthy exercise. It is based on the concept of developmental kinesiology and DNS (Prof....

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    Instructor Fitness (Improve Academy, MŠMT akteditovaný)

    DNS Sport course (Pražská škola rehabilitace a Dynamická Neuromuskulární Stabilizace)

    SM Systém a SM Systém for sport (Imzadi – rekondiční centrum Brno)

    Foam Rolling Principles and Practices (Trigger Point Therapy)

    Taping course – KinesioTaping

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    Denisa Ž.

    Denisa is a former dancer. Dancing led her to our fitness center, where she works as a personal trainer. She also leads classes in circuit training, strong body, tabata and TRX. She prefers complex exercises of different intensity and strength load, which makes training not only effective, but also fun. She emphasizes mobility, which is important for the correct execution of the exercise. She...

    More informations
    • Fitness coach(Improve Academy)
    • Diagnostics and compensation (3DFA)
    • Evolve kinesiology I. (3DFA)
    • Functional training (3DFA)
    • TRX Boot Camp (3DFA)
    • BOSU core (IQacademy)
    • JUMPING fitness – basic diploma
    • Practical diet composition (Fitness Institut)
    • Motivational seminary with Petr Peč (3DFA)
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    1. 8. 2022

    Schedule of group lessons from Monday 1 August

    Thursday spinning from 6 p.m. led by Světlana. Tuesday H.E.A.T. from 4:00 p.m. with Lucie. Morning circle on Thursdays from 6:20 a.m. with Denisa. Reservation at the reception number 608 70 80 99, online through the reservation system.

    30. 6. 2022

    Opening hours on public holidays on July 5 and 6

    It will be open from 14:00 until 21:30 on public holidays on July 5 and 6. Group lessons will take place in the afternoon according to the online schedule of exercises.

    1. 5. 2022

    Schedule of group lessons from Monday, May 2

    Friday Lessons H.E.A.T. from 16:00 and 17:00 newly led by Lucie H. New schedule of spinning lessons for spring and summer. Reservations at the reception number 608 70 80 99 or online via the reservation system.

    15. 4. 2022

    Opening hours at Easter

    We open on Good Friday at 14:00, on Saturday and Sunday it will be open from 8:00 to 20:00. We will be closed all Easter Monday.