Reservations for classroom lessons for new customers

For the first reservation, call 608 70 80 99,. For further online reservations, a minimum deposit of CZK 200 is required at the reception.

Reservations for group lessons via the online reservation system can be made up to 14 days before the scheduled lesson. Telephone and personal reservations for group lessons can be made without a time limit for the future.

You can check out in person at the reception, or by phone at reception 608 70 80 99, and only during the AFIT center’s opening hours. For season ticket or deposit holders, the reservation can be canceled using the online reservation system or application.

Reservations and cancellations for group lessons cannot be made via e-mail, the contact form on the website or social networks.

You can cancel the reservation no later than 6 hours before the start of the lesson. In case of later cancellation (excuse) of the lesson, a cancellation fee of CZK 100 will be charged for each reserved place, which will be taken from the deposit. In case of non-participation that is not excused (not canceled) in advance, the full price for the lesson will be charged by deducting the entry from the season ticket or the deposit made.


4. 3. 2024

Schedule of group lessons from Monday 4 March 2024

On Monday, March 4, 2024, there will be minor changes in the schedule of group lessons at the AFIT center. All changes can be found here. Reservations can be made via the online reservation system, in the AFIT application or by calling the reception number 608 70 80 99.

9. 1. 2024

Reservations for classroom lessons for new customers

To register for indoor lessons, use the phone number 608 70 80 99. More information can be found in the post.

1. 1. 2024

Schedule of group lessons from Monday 1 January 2024

The new year will bring us 4 new lessons. Tuesday lessons of the Spinning program at 12:15 with Petra B., Wednesday Strong Body with Kristýna J., Friday lessons of Body forming with Sára L. and Jumping with Katy T. In the second week of January, two afternoon SM System courses start at the same time. You can find all the changes here.

Reservation for group lessons at the reception number 608 70 80 99, online through the reservation system or in the AFIT application.

14. 12. 2023

Changes to the rules of the reservation system from 1 January 2024

As of Monday, January 1, 2024, as part of improving the quality of our services, new rules for the reservation system for group lessons come into force. Please read carefully what changes will be involved.