Government closure of fitness centers from Friday, October 9

Dear customers,

The Minister of Health announced this afternoon another comprehensive lockdown of fitness centers and some other indoor sports grounds, which will apply from midnight this day. Other indoor sports grounds will be closed from midnight on Sunday to Monday 12 October.

We are very sorry that the scenario from the spring of this year is repeated and we are forced to inform you that we must close the AFIT center again for a period of “at least” 14 days. We intentionally use the word “at least” here, because it all depends on the current development of the situation, which is currently bad, and if it does not improve, the fitness centers will not allow us to reopen. As soon as the possibility of reopening comes, we will use it immediately.

All online bookings for group lessons will now be automatically canceled until 22 October.

All season tickets valid to date will be automatically extended by the number of days of this deadline after the resumption of operations.

SM system courses will be held on an alternative date. We will inform you.

Thank you for your understanding and everyone you visit for your support. We believe that this deadline is only absolutely necessary for the time and soon we will all meet again for what we like, exercise and healthy movement.

We wish everyone a nice rest of the day, if possible.



15. 6. 2021

Schedule of class lessons from Tuesday 15th June

Schedule of group lessons valid from Tuesday 15 June. New Friday lessons of HIIT from 6:20 am and Circle training from 16 pm led by coach Lucie L. Friday Pilates lesson with Jana moved to Sunday 18:15 pm. H.E.A.T. Program on Mondays and Thursdays newly with Lucie H. Reservations at the reception number 608 708 099 or online via the reservation system.

1. 6. 2021

Activation of the ActivePass benefit card

From today, June 1, it is now possible to use ActivePass benefit cards for entry. 

28. 5. 2021

Instructions for the week 31 May – 6 June

From Monday 31.5. changing rooms and showers can be used. We train without respirators and masks. The capacity of group lessons will be increased according to the schedule. More detailed information can be found after opening. 

24. 5. 2021

Discount offer May 24 – May 31 – measurement on InBody 230

From Monday, May 24, we have prepared an DISCOUNT OFFER “Find out how you are after 7 months of lockdown” for you – an analysis of body composition on the InBody 230 device for CZK 200. Please make an appointment by calling 737 090 074.